How to make your website eye-catchy?

Make websites more attractive

Isn’t this the question that most of us web designers are trying to answer on a daily basis? However, it has a constantly changing answer that has no definitive approach. 

One of the basic things that designers are trying to learn these days is the very psychology of the audience. This helps them understand how the audience thinks and hit on key factors that can help designers create the right impression upon the target audience. 

While knowing the psychology of your target audience is an important factor, trying to understand the right ways to manipulate this knowledge within your design is also as important. 

Especially in modern days such as these, the attention span of the audience is almost reduced to nothing. Therefore it becomes important for a design to make an impression with a span of seconds. Most companies out there do not pay attention to the look and feel of the website. 

Gone are the days when a website merely used to be a source of information. Today it is much more than that, it is the very face of one’s brand. Most people are quite active on the internet today and because of this very reason, a website might just be the first place where they are introduced to your company. You don’t want to get the first impression wrong, do you?

Here are few tips that can help you get started on a great website design

Pay special attention to the homepage 

Homepage is the very first page of your website. It truly is the very face of your website and therefore it is very important to get it right. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you don’t have much time to strike an impression. 

Some of the users have indicated that websites with a cluttered style are preferred. However, that isn’t the rule of thumb. The key is to strike for a unique and eye-catchy design and there are several ways one can achieve this. Since a website is a visual platform, try to incorporate visuals and do not choose to rely only on text. 

Being minimal is also a great approach as it helps highlight facts that are important and strike an impression upon the audience. It is important to be critical about the facts you want to highlight. Try to understand that not every aspect of your company is highlight-worthy, so choose the ones that are unique.

Let the visitors know where to go

A design might look great but it might not be practical. This is a fact that every designer must learn to check. Especially when it comes to website design, a design needs to be both appealing and practical. What does practical mean? 

A website's basic purpose is to give information. If the reader wants to learn something about your company, a website is the first place he'll turn to. 

In this case, a website should be able to guide the audience to the specific information he's looking for. If a website isn't able to guide the visitors to the necessary information, then the website design isn't practical. 

Therefore it is important to have a design that can clearly point the visitor towards the necessary information while being extremely appealing. 

If one does master the art of guiding a visitor to a specific place, don't you think he can also master guiding one's eye to the place where he most likely needs it to be?


Spice it up

There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to design and since the design is evolving process. Coming up with a good design requires designers to keep experimenting. 

A great design is one that is unique and original. The audience on the internet is always looking for something fresh and designers must try to satisfy this thirst of the audience. 

Trying to experiment with font and other audio-visual elements within the website can help you unlock a unique design that could prove to be just the thing we’re all looking for. 

Build for mobile

Mobile phones are probably the most popular technological devices that are out there. Today it is more likely for one to view your website from a mobile device than from a personal computer. 

Therefore it is important to build a website by keeping the mobile version in mind. Most website designers even in this age of mobile phones still ignore the mobile version of the website. 

When a website designed to be viewed on a PC is viewed on a mobile phone, it looks absolutely unappealing and creates an unpleasant experience that destroys the very purpose of a good design. 

Whitespace is great 

The normal approach towards design is to cramp the design with elements so that we don’t have any whitespace. There used to be a time when whitespace was considered to be wasted space. 

Those times have now faded away and today having whitespace isn’t a crime. In fact, when utilized appropriately, whitespace can prove to be one of the most effective tools one can use in a design.

It helps create a neat and minimal look while giving the audience some breathing space. Some of the great designs today utilize white space and we think you must look into it too.

Summing it up

Those were some of the important factors that are influencing the website designs that are coming out these days. There is no straight road to great website design and however long and twisty the road gets, it the designer's duty to figure it out, and it is not going to be boring. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things and to be afraid to be different. That brings us to the end of our blog today. Follow our blog for more such content and share it with one who can find such content useful.