Webinars and its importance in marketing world

Webinars and its importance in marketing world

Webinars are basically Webbased seminars.

Webinars are the events that held on internet through the medium of videos, lectures, presentations, seminars etc to make the world to have information about anything. These are the events attended by online audience. These are the workshops or lectures which are transmitted over internet by videos. Internet here plays a role of medium to connect the host of any seminar or conference to the audience.
Like traditional seminars, webinars have an organizer, speaker, host and audience. But the difference is, in traditional seminar, an organizer needs a venue to allocate the speaker and audience so that they can interact properly, whereas in webinar they are limited by space. The organizers, speakers and audience can conduct the whole webinar sitting anywhere, whether in same room, or different room, different provinces, city or country. They are all connected only through the internet. As the seminar, you can have a conversation or questions to the speaker instantly i.e. in real time by mean of internet only.

Features of webinar:
·         Support for multiple presenters
·         Video file sharing
·         Live chat for attendees
·         Screen share
·         Prerecord video (or voice) options
·         Conference options for viewers to listen in live
·         Chat filters to connect attendees and presenters with social accounts
·         Other attendee incentives such as live Q&A tools, polls and feedback forms
·         Live capture to save presentation or streaming capabilities
·         Calendar scheduling and invites

Webinars in marketing are very much important; here are some advantages of webinar
·         Direct contact with targeted audience
·         Two time more engagement by the audience
·         Getting the audience live and afterwards
·         Webinars help to have high impact on audience
·         Live interaction
·         Long term personal relationship with audience
·         Save time and money