vertical and horizontal branding

Vertical and horizontal branding

Better or different or both! You decide.
Brands are now adopting the vertical and horizontal branding strategies for growth of their brand. According to the branding strategies, a brand should be placed in market by giving huge impact on online and offline audience by their attractive product and content and that’s where vertical and horizontal branding entered.

Branding is requires a very long process to establish a brand in market by giving it a good and unique identity. And for this the most important thing is brand should either be “better” or “different”.So now coming to the topic

What is vertical branding?
Vertical branding is branding in which a brand differentiates and describes itself as “better”, it shows itself as having the better product than any other brand. For example: apple is producing the apps such as computers and phones, I pads etc, but it makes itself as being better than any other brand by introducing the slimmer screen and a pretty well software.
This vertical branding strategy is in trend since few years, many companies like: Himalaya water bottles, coca cola, axe deodorant etc. are using the same strategy to build a factor of trust in their audience. The trust is also the factor for gaining the traffic and converting the viewers into clients.
While claiming that a company is better than any other brand, it make the third party believe that this company must have something good and make them try the product at least for once. A company with a vertical brand strategy utilizes a technology, material, structure, or process that makes the product better in some objective measurement. Examples of these objective measurements include horsepower, gigahertz, miles per gallon, cost per acquisition, server response time, etc.
What is horizontal branding?
Horizontal branding is when a brand acclaims itself or differentiates itself as being “different” or being “unique”. It shows itself having so many different qualities than the brand of similar niche; it makes itself as being different. For example: Mini cars, these are the quirky smaller cars, which target to attract stylish people. In horizontal branding, the product is usually appealing a certain type of customer, and that becomes their quality customer.
In this horizontal branding strategy customer is loyal towards the brand much more than the vertical branding because it tends to show the unique nature f their product which is not at all a lie, the product is meant to be different and hence the trust of customer remains constant.
The price is little high but customers cannot compare the price as being a unique and different product.
While claiming a company is unique and different, this attracts a person by gaining t he attention to the uniqueness of product rather than being better or not, the change in lifestyle is always attractive” and hence the buyers get the eager to adopt the change and brands apply this strategy to get the traffic.

just soon going to post the further explaination, effects and types.