social responsibilities of youth

 Social responsibilities of youth

Why is it that we as Indians are more possessive and responsible about things that are ours? Why there a lack of collective social identity in India? What are the reasons because of which we remain ignorant towards most sensitive issues?

Primary focus of almost all the educated Indians is to earn more money and live a more comfortable life. A life we had imagined when we ourselves were kids. While growing up, though we become professionals, we get serious in our lives but we fail to take up the obvious social responsibilities that we have as youths. Though getting a job, earning money, and hoping for comfortable future is not wrong , but still there are far more things that should come into the consideration.   

When we believe assumed practicality, from the experiences of the past generation; without any questions or disagreements, the community becomes poisonous. It the old beliefs and assumptions are to be challenged by the youth. There has to be disagreements between two generation, for if there are none maybe all of we are not living a different life than theirs. Morals are to be adopted from the previous generation but faith should be challenged.

The youth today is chasing dreams of their previous generation, blaming the previous generation for their mistakes but are not rebelling against it. Just like life, dreams are being inherited.  It’s like a story where many protagonists after failing their dreams believing that someone else would replace them and their story might continue.

There are many serious issues that need our attention, but we remain ignorant towards them, many a times just because we aren’t getting affected by it. Even if it is wrong and not our mistake, it is our responsibility to get it corrected. We need to be ready to offer help to anybody who needs it. We should stand up and represent ourselves in the government. We have to become the voices we want to hear. This world needs to know our perspective. Why live a life controlled by decisions of other people?

There is a need to be fearless, to stand up to injustice with the truth. Living in times where the likes of Mahatma Gandhi are being questioned, there has to be someone holding the torch paving the way for the lost and lonely. One thing we should know that anything associated with hatred, anger or revenge has something wrong with it, though however accurate the reasons might be. So that when future holds us accountable, we could justify ourselves.