how to create social media content calender

How to create Social media content calendar:

Scheduling social media has become one of the most powerful roles in marketing of any business.

All the business are planning and scheduling their content in advance, so the proper maintenance of social media and attract the viewers and audience. Even there are various companies now a day, who are helping people to or organizations to have a better content for their social media and manage the accounts.
We at Sampark Infoways, help you plan your social media fully and give you the scheduled content for your social media handles. Posting daily is considered as most efficient way to attract your customer and give them varieties of ideas, and sometimes posting daily becomes so difficult too. It is difficult to plan a new thing every other day, because audience get bored by the same thing on repetition, and specially the social media audience seek for something new, something different than usual always. They get bored easily and unfriend you or unfollow you more easily. So it has become the most important factor to make your audience stay patiently and read and see what you are offering.
So here are some tips and tricks for you plan your social media calendar.
·        Know your audience
·        Find your niche
·        Know what you are offering
·        Content should be engaging
·        Follow the days
·        Go with dates
·        Figure out how often you are going to post
Know your audience:
Before posting and creating any content, one should know what their audience are looking for. As I have mentioned it in all my blogs, knowing your audience is most important way to convey our message in social media, because audience in social media needs the content with which they can relate. Try creating and scheduling you content according to your audience. Here you can post:
  • Polls
  • ask me a question
  • Questions and answers
  • tell us about yourself
  • Post to know what they want

Find your niche:
Your content should be related to your brand or your page, all the content should indicate your niche and your purpose of post. And not to make your content vast, it is better to focus on one thing than to everything. As there is a blog named “graphic designing” but making it more to the point will be effective, if you change it to “basics of graphic designing” people tend to get attracted by this blog name more than the “graphic Design.”
Know what you are offering:
It simply means be specific, be specific to what are your services and make people understand what you are offering. Make your post and content revolve around you niche and what service you are offering. You have completed the three steps to plan your content.
  • Post about your brand
  • you free time
  • tips and tricks
  • fasts
  • workplace
  • your work
  • what are you working on
  • clients

Content should be engaging:
The planning of content you have done must be engaging, it should attract the audience to comment and share it without even asking for it they connect themselves with your content. Here you can post some
  • Lifestyle facts
  • workplace
  • fun activities with co workers
  • blogs
  • “how to do” post
  • videos
  • Ask an advice
  • Behind the scene
  • funny picture.

Follow the days:
The week days are really important for the content calendar, if you want to do different every day, you can go with days, each day gives you their own meaning and let you post accordingly. Even the weekends are important too, the most of the reach of any brand is on weekends, so the content on week days must be catcy and attractive. Some ideas for post are:
  • #mondaymotivation
  • #Tuesdaytraveldairies
  • #warmingwednesday
  • #throwbackthursday
  • #fridayfun
  • #saturdayblues
  • #sundaybrunch

Go with dates:
There usually are many unofficial, and official vacations, or festivals on each day, as in World environment day, jungle day, daughters day etc. you can go with these days and post something related to those days, but make sure it is relevant to your brand somehow. Some examples are:
  • Religious post
  • fact about festival
  • office celebrations
  • ask audience about their celebration.

How often you are going to post:
After all the planning of content you have made, you need to figure out how, when and where you are going to post everything, because there are specific medium for each kind of content, analyse that report and check the insight of your business, see the maximum traffic flow time and post it accordingly, and also make sure to post atleast one every day.

For more solutions of creating content for social media and websites, and to get your whole brand planned we Sampark infoways welcome you to ask any queries or contact us without any hesitation.


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