Graphic designing tips and tricks

Graphic designing is the art of creating visual content to communicate. More attractive graphic gets more engagement and more communication. So here are some tips and tricks about graphic designing a beginner should know.

10 Tips and tricks for beginners to learn graphic designing:
1.  Choose the color in contrast:
Choosing colors is the basic thing in graphic designing, as color grabs the attention of a viewer, so the choosing right color is important. You can choose the color contrast in two ways: 1. By contrasting one color with shades of that color as in darker and lighter shade of one color. 2. By contrasting different colors.

2.  Limit the typefaces:
For font’s sake, limit the typefaces of fonts. Using numerous fonts will make it look cluttered and hard to read. If it is necessary to use different fonts, limit them with 2 or 3. You can use one font for heading and another for the body. And pair the fonts which look good together. A thumb rule of graphic designing is choosing the fonts which are in high contrast.
If you want to make some text appear different you can also use bold, italic, underline and few more options given in software.

3.  Alignment makes the world better:
Keeping your elements aligned will create a presentable design with a professional and sophisticated look. Utilize guides in your software to ensure correct placement for each element. Adobe has both alignment options and guides you can use to help with this aspect.

4.  White space gives life to beginner designers:
Utilizing the white space is a great graphic designing tip to the beginners. If you are in learning stage, this will help your you design in a basic and simple manner and make your design look classy.

5.  Sketch and scan:
You know sometimes, you draw much more beautifully than you make a graphic, so here is a simple step for you to sketch a thing in your note book and make sure you can scan it to you computer, now add that scan to your software and add some elements with it, it will look much more reties and will reduce your work load.
6.  Simplicity is basic:
So there is a thing, class comes from simplicity. The shimmer and glitter will never make your design as beautiful as it looks in simple manner. Make sure every element has a reason to be in the design and keep the number of fonts, colors, shapes and frames to a minimum.

7.  Consistent element:
Create your own design, and add a specific element to your design so that when a viewer see your graphic, it will automatically strike in his mind that this design is similar to yours.’ That consistent element will enhance your design and attract people a lot more than before.

8.  Even fonts have the feeling:
When you create a graphic, every element in it has their specific space and with that respect we should never interfere in their space. Okay it is going dramatic but yes, merging the fonts and graphics will make the graphic look odd. So respect the space and feelings of fonts and elements.

9.  Be current:
According to research, people tend to get attracted by the new ideas and creative ideas in graphics, also if you are also updated with all the news, then try to create your graphic in relevant with that, this will attract your graphic to the organic viewers.

10.         Use  icons:
There are numerous icons for so many elements. So we can use those elements in spite of creating one, this will reduce the time consumption and also make it look more interactive and appealing.


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