marketing and advertising graphic designing

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Marketing and advertising graphic designing

“Promote your business with graphics”
While hearing about graphic design, the only thing that strikes our mind is “creative or pixel arts made for the brand promotion.” But in reality, graphic designing is much more than that.
“Graphic designing is the process of visual communication and problem solving through typography, photography and illustration.

Marketing and advertising is the part of graphic designing.”
Basically in any organization, they promote their brand to get the targeted audience, but this audience needs some attractive content to get attracted towards the brand. And that’s where graphic designing comes in.
The marketing graphic design contains:
  • ·        The need of brand
  • ·        Awareness about brand
  • ·        Service a brand is providing
  • ·        Product
  • ·        The identification of brand
  • ·        And other things what a brand wants to mention.

According to some survey, the visual content gives better engagement, so the graphic designs helps more to the organization to communicate and promote effectively.

Here are the few marketing things in which graphic designing is used:
  • ·        Media
  • ·        Magazines and newspaper ads
  • ·        Flyers
  • ·        Posters
  • ·        Info graphics
  • ·        Brochures
  • ·        Signage
  • ·        Email marketing
  • ·        Power point presentation
  • ·        Menu
  • ·        Website images
  • ·        Social media content
  • ·        Social media marketing
  • ·        Banners
  • ·        And many more…



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