Keys points to Search engine optimisation

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Key Points to Search Engine Optimization

"Search engine optimization is the process of getting the traffic from free, organic or editorial search results on search engines."
Search Engine Optimization is basically usage of algorithm in terms of gaining traffic from search engine or we can say google library. SEO is library which helps a people to get exactly what they are looking for. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo collect information from all the sites on internet and provide us what we need. They system works under the algorithm, according to that algorithm they gives the ranking to the site. The following are the key terms to get the higher ranking in the search engines:

  • ·        Words used.
  • ·        Titles of the post/blogs
  • ·        Links your page
  • ·        Links in words
  • ·        Reputation

  • Words Used:

Search Engines analyze the every word on a web and have the data of each word, so if anyone search for some word in search engine, it gives the list of all the websites or links having that word. The list of all the links are according to their ranking in the search result. So use your words carefully, while writing a blog or promoting your business digitally.
  • Titles of the page:

Search engines pay a lot of attention to the title of any page. These titles are actually the summarized form of your whole blog. Choose your titles wisely and pay attention to the words you are using in that title. The title should be attractive, catchy and it contains the word people mostly use in general for search results. Make sure the title must contain some words which are more popular.
Note: for checking the popularity of words, you can take the help of google, as it has some sites which analyze the word and gives you some more words related to the word you are looking for.
  • Link your page:

See, if you are new and haven’t posted anything than it’s alright, but if you have already a page try to connect with that page from your new page. Like a website contains a link which is redirecting it to some other site, it is like giving a recommendation of another page, this will give result in focusing on recommended page. The search engine finds that recommended page more valuable and having a good content. The search engine gives priority to the page which is redirected.
But some people when in search of more engagement buy many links to redirect into their page and spam it. Search Engine detect those spam links and sometimes block their links, even they only allow it on the trustworthy sites.
  • Links in words:

There are some words, which are having links hidden on them. You may have noticed the blue words in some websites redirecting to the link related to that word. Like somewhere “facts about Google” is written, the word fact contains the link which redirects you to the site. By clicking on it, search engine directly opens the link of blog or any link attached to that. This way if anyone searches “facts” the site or blog which was connected to that word, will show up. Search engines give preferences to these sites much more than any other.
  • Reputations:

The reputation of any site is depending upon the “recommendations” the number of links, and people are recommending the site, the words used in that site and the engagement as well. The number of visitors and the response of that site is the main factor to get the higher ranking. The sites with the attractive content and having good engagement with their clients are considered to be reputed sites. 


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