how to get 1000 followers in a month

How to gain 1000 organic followers on Instagram within a month?

“Growing faster is easy”
To get organic follower on instagram is not really that difficult. You just need to have some patience, although it won’t take that time, but a little patience is must.  So instagram is having a basic algorithm to gain followers, the more you use instagram the more you gain the followers.
In short instagram gives the priority to those who stay online and use instagram for much time, as using Instagram is the source of income for instagram.
So be active as much as you can, this will give you more reach, here are some basic points to remember for instagram followers growth:

Starting with profile,
Bio of profile is important:
Most of the people on instagram, get attracted by someone’s profile, they look at the bio to know the about the profile, either it is person or business. So the bio must be attractive and catchy to get all the attention. You can use one or two hashtags related to your business to make it visible to the explore section of people having same interest.
For business you can use phrases for bio like:
“Convert your imagination into reality”
“believe in yourself”
“making the world one of our kind”

Instagram aesthetics is one of the main factors which attract the potential people. If a person has reached your account, after bio asthetic is what visible, so thet asthetic should be cool and classy. The colour chosen, the grids, everything should create a theme which attracts the outsider stalking your profile.
You can either post 9 picture having one element in all the pictures,
Or you can create a colour palette, like the contrast of 3-4 colours for your aesthetic,
Or there are various aesthetic ideas you can look for in pinterest and google.

The aesthetic and bio are the secondary things, first we want the people to see our account, for this, you have to be creative with hashtags.
There are three types of hashtags one should use in every picture:
Variable: which changes with every post you do. They are the content related hashtags.
Constant: these are the profile related hashtags, which shows the work you do and the audience you need.
Own hashtags: this one is the hashtag you create for your own brand and you use it on each post of your.
These three are must, but instagram gives you the limit of 30 hashtags, but one should not use all the 30. The hashtags used must be in between 23- 28. Because excess of hashtags hide your post you can find the hashtags on the google site, “hashtagify”.
Yes engagement matters. When you are engaging or commenting on one post, and it has 200 likes, and 4 comments, these 10 people will see your comment, and one out of 10 will tend to see who are you, and you do engage with people, so by his way of thinking that you do engage with people, he’ll follow you so that you can engage on his profile too. So this way more engagement will make your profile visible to more people of same interest.
Like the number of photos on instagram with same interest, this will make them see your profile. And will give you more reach.
 There are many more ways to earn number of organic followers but if you’ll follow these things in a pretty good way, you can get 1000 followers within a month. <3

pictures from :
google and pinterest