Grow your business with 360 degree virtual tour:

Grow your business with 360 degree virtual tour:

Getting traffic to the business needs so much of planning and experimentations. One needs to understand how to research and make the available resource in use or how to grow the business with small investment.
So here is something, which needs lesser amount of investment and gives a good outcome.
People don’t usually understand the concept of virtual tour as a part of business growth.
Let us start with what “virtual tour” is?
“Virtual tour” is the simulation of already existing location with some videos and images.

The virtual tour of any location shown to you on local SEO by the help of videos, still images and it includes the sound effects, music, narration, text etc. at 360 panoramas. It shows the real view of any place not like the still picture but with every angle. It shows the unbroken view of every single aspect of the location. You can visit a place and visit virtually and get to know about it.
So the question arises, how it is helpful for gaining the traffic to our business?
There are 4 reasons how the “Virtual tour” will benefit our business:
A good quality content and a new way to showcase your business:
A Google virtual tour of your business will allow your customers to experience your location.  Most smart phones today will allow you to see virtual images without using special glasses or a virtual reality headset.  Any customer with a smartphone can interact with your space easily.  This gets them to interact with listing in a way that wasn't available before.
Creative way to interact with customer:
You would definitely want some great photos of your storefront, food and the inside of the dining area atmosphere.  But if you had the 360 virtual tour as well, the attraction, interaction and time spent could all DOUBLE.  
People WILL spend time walking around your place virtually versus just skimming over still pictures and details. The difference is that it gives a real look at a your business and well, honestly it's just kinda fun to do!
Shows what is hard to explain:
The Google virtual tour will allow your customer to instantly experience the atmosphere and feel of your location with their own eyes. A trick that makes their brain feel like they've already been there. They can walk around to different sections of the venue and quickly decide to visit. Professionally produced tours are done in such high quality format that you can zoom in and see everything they need to get a clear idea of what a business is all about.
Can be shared anywhere:
A Google Virtual Tour of your business can be embedded and shared in other places outside Google as well.You can add it to your website easily just like a YouTube video.  Just copy and paste the embed code into a website block and it will appear in just about any context you'd like.



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