art of storytelling with motion graphics

Art of storytelling with motion graphics

“Tell your story with every pixel”
So everything around is a story, and everyone is a storyteller. Stories don’t need any medium to be expressed, they just appear visually or we hear them with any sound and with many more ways…
Story just needs three things to be expressed, STORY, TELLER, LISTENER. Every incidence is a story. Flying birds creates a story; playing children; walking on along the roads etc. It cannot only be expressed in written or spoken, can be expressed by expressions, actions, and “graphics”.
 So here come graphics, graphics are the coolest medium now a day to tell a story. Graphics are the pictorial representation. The can help you tell the story by two ways
  • Static graphics
  • Motion graphics

Static graphics can express a sentence. But the motion graphics tells the whole story.
This is the basic step to start the motion graphics, just think about the whole video before creating this. The following steps should be in consideration:
  • Time of the video
  • Concept of the video
  • Who are the audience

These answers will help you a lot in making your video much more engaging.
Create a story:
Now the next step is to create a story with paper and pen. Create a story board and draw your story on paper, with stick figures, like:
  • how they’ll move
  • how they’ll interact
  • and create motions.

Write down the need of transitions and sound, everything on a paper.
Graphic motions:
Now finally it’s time to give motions to your story. Design everything you have created on your story board step to step. These pretty pixels will in result gives you a really pretty story.
 Just remember that design is not just about adding popular animation styles or fading in/fading out various scenes. It’s about stitching a cohesive story together so that it flows with the blink of an eye. The timing, the voiceover, everything has to be in perfect sync with motion.
“Give animations to your story”