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In Past few years the digital marketing has grown tremendously and the same trend seems to continue in the coming years as well. According to estimates, Now Companies are spending more on digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. And if we talk about figures, developed countries then they are already spending almost half of the money on Digital marketing. Why is such a phenomenal craze for it? The answer lies in the vast popularity of the internet because of that companies are now looking for hire an expert Internet Marketing Company for an effective online presence.
Future Trends of Digital Marketing In India:  

 As per our observations there are 5 key channels that will pay a key role in Future of Digital Marketing in India:

1) Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is going to play one of the most important roles in future. From consumers’ device usage perspective, Smartphone adoption and prevalence of mobile apps and messaging are going to be the topmost trends of digital marketing in future. Understanding customers’ changing needs and characteristics lets marketers plan in a result-oriented fashion. As per stats-
More than 52% of searches are done through mobile.
89% of Facebook Daily Active users come through mobile.
83% of Facebook advertising revenue comes through Smartphones.
92% of mobile media time is spent in Smartphone apps by consumers.

2. Video Marketing: Modern customers prefer to view a video content instead of reading a long article or content. When a phenomenal content is well created to communicate the message in an attractive and engaging way, conversions are always guaranteed. Video marketing is the most powerful way that companies use for –
 Introducing themselves
 ⦁ Spreading their messages
 ⦁ Increasing the awareness of their products/services
 ⦁ Increasing their reach and optimizing search ranking
 ⦁ Boosting customer engagement and enhancing returns on investments

3. Email Marketing: 

 Email marketing is so effective in taking care of leads and ensuring conversions. Well-targeted email marketing will be one of the most effective ways of ensuring conversions in future. Email marketing is an essential part of your corporate branding and you need to choose those trends that match your subscriber profile and business objective. Your emails should reflect your quality and use professional email templates should be the base of your e-mail marketing campaign in future.

4. Social Media Marketing: 
Social media changes quickly as there are dozens of new platforms arrive each year. social media marketing will for sure be one of the most popular digital marketing channels for branding, optimization, lead generations and conversions.

5. Search & SEO Marketing:
Search engines evolve constantly, and their changes prompt shift in marketers’ ways of targeting audiences. To succeed, it is important for you to know latest changes of SEO marketing and employing effective search engine strategies accordingly. 


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