Facebook Now Allows You to Post Job Openings - Sampark Infoways

The social network will now let employers post jobs directly to their Page, and users can apply for those jobs on Facebook. Applications are pre-populated with a user’s Facebook data (though it can be altered), then sent to the employer via Messenger. Facebook hopes employers and prospective employees will then use Messenger to communicate throughout the courting process. Posting a job is free for employers, and there's no limit to how many posts a Page can have.

Five interesting things about jobs on Facebook:

  1. This is an opportunity to get your biggest fans -- people who already follow you on Facebook working for your brand. That can be a big win.
  2. Facebook is sending you job notifications via messages to your page. Guess what: now you actually have to check your page messages. Second guess what: now you're more tightly integrating your business into Facebook and Messenger.
  3. Right now, publishing job posts is free. Don't expect it to stay that way forever. As soon as there's significant scale, expect Facebook to find ways to monetize it.
  4. Generally, when Facebook releases something new, it prioritizes the new thing in its algorithm that determines what people see on Facebook. Jump on this initiative quickly to benefit the most.
  5. This is yet another reason for people to "like" pages from brands and companies they're interested in ... especially if they're job-hunting. And that, in turn, ties companies tighter to Facebook.

Finding the right talent for your business can be daunting with Facebook saying that nearly 40 percent of small businesses in the U.S. report that filling jobs is more difficult than they expected. However, the new feature solves this by making it absolutely easy for businesses to create job posts, track applications and communicate with applicants all from the social media platform.