What is App Store Optimization? - Sampark Infoways

App Store Optimization is the is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. This process will rank higher you mobile apps in app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility increase more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.
 The Process of ASO requires an important understanding of your potential customer base, including the keywords your target subscribers are using to search apps relevant to yours. Once you learn about which keywords are being used, you will have a perception of the language of    your potential subscribers – an Important part of any marketing plan.

Why is ASO important?
According to Forrester, 63% of apps are searched through the app store search engine. This makes the search, in the app store, the most used method for searching and downloading new apps. If you are not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking then you will miss out the largest search channel available to your app.
With hundreds of thousands of apps in each app store compete to rank above one another, the Incredible reality is that the majority of publishers are not spending in app store optimization. So here is a gift for you: ASO is your secret weapon. Spend time every week improving your ASO, and you will get useful impact on your app’s ranking and overall success.

What Are The Main Factors Of ASO?
 Title – The keyword placed in the title will play the most and the heaviest role in search traffic. Spend more time researching which keyword that you want to use for your app because changing your title often to include different keywords can be harmful. As your app start ranking higher and get more reviews, news of your app will begin to expand by word of mouth. Changing the title can create difficulty for word to spread about your app.
Keywords – To improve your search rankings, you need to know which keywords are compatible and used most often by your potential customers. This will help you to observe competitors in order to realize how you compare week to week.

Other Factors:
Total Number of Downloads – Your number of downloads are most important to ASO, but you don’t have complete control over them.
Ratings and Reviews – Also important and difficult to control. However, there are ways to encourage your happy customers to rate and review.

If you’re interested in testing out this new utility or want to increase ranking of your app in search engine of app store then we are here to help you. Our ASO experts focus on holistic and permanent app optimization by completing the full cycle of ASO process and then keeping constant Cautious on its ratings, ranking, and performance. Sampark Infoways always make sure that right keywords give you high ranking and convert your visitors into your users.